News About Solus OS


I just discovered a nice article about one of the more interesting Linux distros out there (in my opinion), Solus OS.

I’ve been keeping tabs on the development of Solus OS and it’s creator, Ikey Doherty, on Google+. And over the past many weeks there’s been a lot of activity going on! Solus OS is being rebuilt from the ground up, so to speak. And as it seems that we’re getting nearer to the first Beta release, I’m getting really excited to check it out! I’ve mentioned Solus OS in the past, but this article does a better job than I could about explaining concisely what it’s all about. So check it out Here thanks to Ken Starks and FossForce.

I had the original Pardus Linux installed on an old box about three years ago, and really liked the Pisi Package Manager that it used (Pisi, pronounced ‘peezee’, as the article adeptly aludes to). Pardus was my favorite KDE distro at the time.

It will be very interesting to see what Ikey has made from Pisi and Gnome 3 and a whole lot of innovation.

From what I’ve seen so far, it should be something quite beautiful and unique.

And here’s a link to Ken’s website Reglue, a project that provides used computers running Linux to kids who might not be able to afford a computer. It’s a pretty great idea!


Another look at SolusOS


I talked about SolusOS  a few months back. And since I’m spreading the Linux Love this holiday season, I think this is a good time to become re-aquainted with this marvelous distro.

Ikey Doherty, the creator of SolusOS, has been very hard at work on the forthcoming 1.3 version of SolusOS Eveline. In fact, this man’s sheer passion for creating the best user-friendly Linux distro continues to astound and inspire me! Despite having to change flats and look for income-generating work over the past months, this guy spends an incredible amount of time and effort working on his baby; and I think his passion will be apparent to anyone who tries SolusOS.

Ikey has been posting a lot of updates on the progress of Eveline on Google+ and it looks like SolusOS 1.3 will be released very soon. There seem to be a lot of changes and refinements coming with this new version, so this would be a good time to check it out!

Also in the works for next year is SolusOS 2, which will be a very unique operating system, using it’s own modern desktop environment that will look and work just like Gnome 2. While still based on Debian (as far as I understand) it will use the PISI package manager from the Pardus Linux project (which unfortunately seems to have died). I’ve used Pardus in the past and really liked this package manager! Combined with SolusOS’s own repositories of stable, updated software, SolusOS 2 should be a perfect Linux distro for novices and experienced users alike.

Here are some links for you to check out which will give you a better look at Ikey and SolusOS rather than me blathering on:

SolusOS 1.2 review by Sneeky Linux

The Blog of Helios: Ikey’s Story

One last word. If you think that independent, open source software development is a good thing, and especially if you like SolusOS and want to contribute to it’s future, please consider donating whatever amount you can afford from the SolusOS homepage link. Free operating systems take a lot of work!

Happy Holidays!

SolusOS: A New Star on the Linux Horizon

Sorry for the dramatic title, but I couldn’t resist! I would like to direct you to a new Linux distribution that I think has a bright future ahead of it. It’s SolusOS, a debian-based distro from one of the lead developers of Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE), Ikey Doherty; who has left Mint to create his own dream distro.

Since I’ve used Linux Mint extensively for the last three years, I was quite familiar with the name of Ikey Dougherty. He was often to be found on the Mint Forums, helping out newbies such as myself and experienced Linux users alike. I recently heard he had gone off on his own (adjective, Latin: solus: alone; separate) to make his own ideal, user-friendly rolling-release debian distro. And then I listened to Ikey’s interview on MintCast a couple of weeks ago. After hearing him speak about his dreams and goals for SolusOS, I was totally in love with this project! So if you’ve got a little time, I would highly recommend listening to the MintCast episode HERE.

I’m incredibly impressed with this man’s passion, dedication and hard work (similar, in many ways, to Jeff Hoogland of Bodhi Linux) toward creating a Linux operating system that is stable and easy to use for any level of computer user. I’ve downloaded and tried out SolusOS RC2 and RC3 that just came out the other day, and it looks and acts very sweet; with many improvements in a short time. I’m looking forward to the final release of SolusOS  shortly.

One interesting thing about SolusOS is that right now it uses the Gnome 2.3 Desktop Environment. Since Gnome 2 will soon become extinct, I’m curious to see what Ikey has in mind for the final release. The only thing stopping me right now from installing SolusOS, oddly enough, is Gnome 2; since I’ve actually become very fond of Xfce. I wouldn’t mind seeing that as a DE for SolusOS. Or Cinnamon may be an even better fit; it’s development is certainly coming along quickly, too.

Whatever changes arrive in SolusOS 1, I can’t wait to try it out! I like the rolling release idea; and the future of SolusOS looks exciting. It’s also got a great community behind it. So check it out, already! Here are a couple more nice reviews below. Enjoy!

SolusOS – Linux with Style and Atitude

Solus OS RC3… Sneeky Linux