Gimp 2.8 is great!

A month ago the stable release of the new Gimp (GNU Image Manipulation Program) 2.8 became available. I’ve been using the FREE Gimp 2.6 for a few years now. For all my image manipulation and digital painting needs it’s fantastic, and does just about everything I used to use the definitely NOT FREE Adobe Photoshop for.

I just upgraded to the new Gimp a couple of days ago by adding the PPA for Gimp 2.8 using these instructions on Webupd8. Since the Ubuntu repositories that I use with Synaptic Package Manager in Xubuntu 12.04 only has the older 2.6 version of Gimp until the next release of Xubuntu 12.10, using the PPA comes in quite handy for getting the new Gimp now. And it is a wonderful thing, indeed! Some very nice improvements over Gimp 2.6.

But for further info, go to this brief video review of Gimp 2.8  from InfinitelyGalactic Here.