News About Solus OS


I just discovered a nice article about one of the more interesting Linux distros out there (in my opinion), Solus OS.

I’ve been keeping tabs on the development of Solus OS and it’s creator, Ikey Doherty, on Google+. And over the past many weeks there’s been a lot of activity going on! Solus OS is being rebuilt from the ground up, so to speak. And as it seems that we’re getting nearer to the first Beta release, I’m getting really excited to check it out! I’ve mentioned Solus OS in the past, but this article does a better job than I could about explaining concisely what it’s all about. So check it out Here thanks to Ken Starks and FossForce.

I had the original Pardus Linux installed on an old box about three years ago, and really liked the Pisi Package Manager that it used (Pisi, pronounced ‘peezee’, as the article adeptly aludes to). Pardus was my favorite KDE distro at the time.

It will be very interesting to see what Ikey has made from Pisi and Gnome 3 and a whole lot of innovation.

From what I’ve seen so far, it should be something quite beautiful and unique.

And here’s a link to Ken’s website Reglue, a project that provides used computers running Linux to kids who might not be able to afford a computer. It’s a pretty great idea!


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