Conky Manager

Well, it’s been a long hiatus! With a new job and Summer and kids, the last three months just flew by!

And the world of Linux is ever moving along.

This evening I’d like to draw your attention to a very useful application, and something I’ve been hoping would come along for quite a while now. I’ve mentioned Conky before, a lightweight system monitor for the X window system that can display all kinds of information about your computer hardware, operating system, network, weather forecasts and more on the desktop. It can display any kind of information or graphics and there are tons of Conky scripts you can download and run in Linux operating systems. I’ve tinkered around a tiny bit with some of these scripts to change what and how Conky displays information, but I never felt ambitious enough to learn the scripting language to make my own Conky scripts from scratch. And there was no GUI application for lazy bums like me to make using Conky easier. Until now!

Conky04_2013-09-05 09:10:30

Conky Manager is a cool little app that makes adding Conky to your desktop a breeze. Conky itself can be installed from most Linux distros, or if you use an Ubuntu or Debian based distro use the Software Center or Synaptic Package Manager to install. Then check out the Conky Manager website. All the info you need is there, plus a link to install a huge number of extra Conky Manager scripts. The application gives you many options for tweaking the scripts, too. On my computer running Zorin OS 6.2/Ubuntu 12.04, some of the CM scripts don’t run quite right, though, or they’ll run briefly when I check them and then quit. But most of them work fine, like one of my favorites called ‘Pencil’ above, a variation of the ‘Gotham’ Conky theme.

And here’s some more info from WebUpd8 on extra Conky scripts and updates. There are many very different and very wild visual styles you can use to decorate your beautiful Linux desktop. Go nuts!


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