Four good lite Linux distros for older computers

I discovered another nice Xubuntu-based operating system a few months back, and yesterday I installed it on my ancient Dell D610 experimental laptop. It’s called Linux Lite. Check out the new website.

I’ve been using Zorin OS Lite on this machine for a few weeks, which is based on Lubuntu/LXDE. Also very nice, but I find the LXDE panel is not quite as configurable as the Xfce panel. There are not as many applets available (like weather forecast) and Radio Tray would not work in it on Zorin Lite; but strangely, it does work in the Peppermint OS 3 LXDE panel, which I have installed on my HP Mini netbook. Strange.

Anyway, though LXDE uses a little less RAM than Xfce, I find it’s not that much of a difference on my 8-year-old Dell, even with only 756 Mb. of RAM. I got Linux Lite installed and set up in pretty short time, and it’s quite perky and useful. I like it a lot! Of course for older hardware, Peppermint OS and Zorin OS Lite are also good choices.

You also might want to check out LXLE, a new Lubuntu-based distro that is fast and attractive. I also installed this on the Dell laptop a few days ago. It has a unique application-script-thingy called Fast Forecast that places an icon in the panel that gives a detailed weather forecast. In my case, the forecast was for a city a couple of hundred miles away; but I was able to edit the script and put in our zip code, and then it worked fine! The only reason I decided to go with Linux Lite is that the Dell D610 would not go into sleep mode (Suspend) using LXLE. I searched the web for hours and tried some things, but Suspend just wouldn’t work on that particular hardware! Oh well, you never know how a distro will work until you actually try it out. It’s good to shop around! That’s the great thing about Live Linux CDs.

I’ll leave you with my Linux Lite desktop with Mediterranean Night theme. It comes with Mediterrean Light, but I just prefer those darker themes. I also used the simple Conky script from LXLE on my Linux Lite. Thanks, LXLE!



4 comments on “Four good lite Linux distros for older computers

    • Thanks for the comment. Actually, I found this same Ubuntu forum post and tried it. It did help by making it so I could get the monitor to come back on, but my problem was a little different. Instead of not being able to wake the computer from sleep mode, I couldn’t get it to suspend to RAM in the first place. The external monitor I’m using with the laptop would go dark but the power stayed on and the fan was continuously going, no matter what I tried.
      After installing Linux Lite, suspend to RAM now works normally.

  1. Hi, I’ ve been using LXLE for a few month in my 7 years old Athlon xp 3800. After trying mint LXDE 9 to 12,5 (tried to force a update), debian LXDE and Lubuntu, LXLE it is the one I liked the best. It had everything I need right out of the box.
    But in my brand new Dell Vostro it fails to install. I guess it’s really intended for old PCs.

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