My favorite free RSS newsreaders

Since Google Reader will be shutting down in a few months, I was looking around the internet at the Linux alternative newsreaders/feed readers.

After looking over and trying out several alternatives (without discussing ALL the alternatives in detail), here are my personal suggestions:

I prefer a web-based newsreader instead of opening up a stand-alone application. Though Liferea seems like a good choice for Linux users if you want a computer-based application, and it’s already in many Linux distro repositories.

The Google Reader replacement I’m now using on the Chromium/Chrome web browser is The Old Reader (since Chrome doesn’t have RSS built-in). It looks and works pretty much like Google Reader. It transferred all my RSS subscriptions from Google without any problem, except that it took a few days to finally download my feeds. Because a lot of people are scrambling to find another newsreader, it seems the servers at The Old Reader were backed-up. When I clicked to import my news feeds, I was put on a waiting list of several thousand other people. But  about two days later I got an email notifying me that my feeds were ready, and now The Old Reader works great! And unlike some of the other alternatives, there are no subscription fees.

Old Reader Screenshot

My other favorite feed reader, which no one seems to be mentioning much on the web, is Firefox. I’ve been using Firefox Live Bookmarks for years to keep tabs on my favorite RSS feeds. It’s quite easy to add a feed to wherever you want in Firefox just by right-clicking on an RSS link on a web page. But if you want to use an RSS extension in Firefox, this article will give you lots more options. Of course,  Chromium also has many extensions for this too.

And if you want a newsreader that syncs with all your devices, Feedly looks like a popular choice.

That’s all for now…

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