Redo Backup and Recovery

Useful Software Department:

While roaming around the internet recently I found a Backup/Cloning solution that works for Linux and Windows that I was not familiar with. It’s called Redo Backup and Recovery, and it’s a Live CD image that’s based on Ubuntu. It seems to do what Clonezilla does, but with a very easy-to-use GUI (Graphical User Interface). I’ve used Clonezilla before to clone my hard drive to an external drive, and it worked great. If you want to copy your entire OS with data, applications and user settings, cloning an image of your system is the way to go. However, it could be a little daunting to use Clonezilla’s text-based interface. If you’re new to this sort of thing (and not a command-line guru) it could be a bit confusing and stressful.

I HAVE NOT used Redo Backup and Recovery yet myself, but from everything I’ve seen this looks like an excellent and foolproof method for copying your system to a safe place in case of hard drive failure. Or if your system gets screwed up or becomes unusable for whatever reason, you can easily restore everything back to the way it was with a simple user interface.

I’ve downloaded the ISO file and am going to try this out. Like any Live CD, it boots from a disk (or a USB stick) and it also comes with many other utilities for checking partitions and even restoring deleted files. Here’s another link for more info from MakeUseOf.

Right now I use Grsync for backing up data, but Redo looks like an easy solution for cloning the whole shebang!

Next Time: Searching for Linux Tax Software! 

2 comments on “Redo Backup and Recovery

  1. Yep been using it and it is easy and has same engine under the hood as Clonezilla.
    Not as options powerful as Clonezilla but easy quick backup of partitions.

    Have Win7,Winxp partitions and / /home partitions for Linux. Whats great can install and setup a multitude of distro’s and back them up. Get tired of Ubuntu? Then Mint? Tired of Mint? New one I’m trying is an outstanding Xfce Voyager 12.10.

    Just be sure to back up first partition as has the grub or modified win7 loader if you are chain loading grubs from Win7 loader. Unfortunately no just backing up loader only and requires backup up whole partition at the moment.

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